5673OrderBonnie Walker is an incredibly talented rider with a terrific eye for training. She has a unique ability to see a problem and convey the solution clearly – allowing the rider to understand the correction and the reasoning behind it. Bonnie gives both the rider and horse equal attention, knowing that one influences the other biomechanically. Her method of training is a special combination of precision and fun – her quick wit and sense of humor keeps you going on even the toughest days. My horse and I benefited greatly from training with Bonnie, and we both miss her here in New Mexico.”  

Alyson Evans

“I have missed taking dressage lessons with Bonnie ever since she moved back to California. Her knowledge of biomechanics and her good eye really improved my position; plus her wit and sense of humor made the work much more fun. There was no doubt that Bonnie will succeed in her dressage career, knowing her penchant for hard work and willingness to do what is necessary. I just wish Bonnie lived closer to NM!”

Liz Puerner

“Bonnie spends most of her spare time seeking out ways to expand her knowledge of teaching and training methods, biomechanics, and proper nutrition for horse and rider and it shows in her instruction and training. As an instructor Bonnie is incredibly focused on her clients, never letting her attention stray from the lesson. She is able to clearly and creatively communicate the theory behind dressage and biomechanics to a wide variety of clients. Clients walk away from each lesson with a deeper appreciation for dressage, and an ability to apply the techniques they learn during lessons to riding on their own. Bonnie is able to push clients physically without breaking them down mentally. During a lesson with Bonnie you will undoubtedly use muscle groups you didn’t know existed, and while you might limp away from your lesson, you will do it with a smile. She is very calm when instructing at home and at shows, making riders feel more confident as they ride down centerline. Bonnie is also a very effective rider and trainer. She tailors her rides to the needs of each horse, enhancing their natural athletic ability with careful and purposeful application of training exercises. She is also an effective problem solver, and I have watched her make supple, happy partners out of some very tense horses. I continue to seek out advice from Bonnie on a regular basis, and I know it has helped me to become a more effective and confident rider.”

Katie Halloway

Bonnie Walker makes riding fun! Her teaching style is positive and informative and she has a great eye for rider position and effectiveness. She has a well educated ability to see, understand and then solve the problem. I miss Bonnie!”

Linda DiPaolo Love

One response to “Testimonials

  1. This lady knows her stuff and is a passionate teacher of the sport of dressage. I would recommend to serious riders who want to learn how to ride dressage effectively and correctly to contact Caldwell Dressage the home of Ms. Bonnie Walker.

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