About Bonnie

12NovTHERM-4489_TerriMillerA skilled instructor, rider and trainer, Bonnie Walker has earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver Medals. As well, she is a USDF “L” Program Graduate with Distinction. Bonnie has participated in multiple advanced biomechanics Teacher Training Workshops, hosted by “S” Judge Sandy Howard, to prioritize her skills as an instructor as much as she focuses on riding, training and competing. Also, Bonnie is currently the only USDF Certified Instructor in San Diego, earning her certification through First Level. 

Bonnie has based her system of training on a blend of the biomechanic and German systems. She teaches a beginning student ‘through the rider’ until solid foundation is built and then integrates instruction ‘through the horse’ to make the student understand how, when and most importantly why they are completing an aid. She has cliniced extensively and has also had the opportunity to work with Joan Bolton, Lars Holmberg and Ulf Wadeborn.

For the past three years Bonnie has been fortunate enough to be the assistant trainer to Tina Caldwell in Rancho Santa Fe, California. For more information on Caldwell Dressage go to www.caldwelldressage.com.

Currently Bonnie is actively showing and training, and writes for Dressage Daily and Sidelines Magazine as well as her own blog. She has been published around the world including magazines such as USDF Connection and Dressage Today. Outside of dressage, Bonnie is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a major in Playwriting. 

One response to “About Bonnie

  1. I am coming back to riding and dressage after a thirty year hiatus thanks to Uncle Sam. What Ms. Walker writes sings to me as it rings true of what I learned as a young rider from some of the great old school “cavalry” riding masters and from the centuries old classical methods. Plus her style of prose allows us to clearly visualize the processes necessary to properly apply once out in the manege and off the laptop…tough to do! Well done!

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