How To Save Money Whilst Enjoying Your Horses

gray horseWhether you ride dressage, hunters or jumpers, or just enjoy the trails on the weekend, every equestrian knows just how expensive this hobby of horses can become. Well worry not! I will be your guide into the world of riding horses as cheaply as possible – that way you will be able to afford even more of them!

Clothing: Are you tired of spending over one hundred dollars for a single pair of breeches? Well aren’t we all! Now you can look chic and stylish without breaking the bank. Just purchase a few pair of leggings and a roll of duct tape and voila: instant full seat breeches! You will be the envy of the barn with your duct tape full seat and just think of how sticky your seat will become! Remember to invest in a pair of suspenders to keep your newly made breeches from falling around your ankles.

Bridles and Halters: Take matters into your own hands and create your own custom bridle from not leather, but twine this season! Available in a variety of colors from a tasteful neon orange to a more subdued neon yellow, you will surely be the trendsetter for your stable. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on new tack, avail yourself of the amazing materials present right in your barn. Your horse will thank you when he unloads at the next show wearing his new neon blue twine halter, your trainer will too!

Show Clothing: Don’t purchase a separate show outfit when you can rent! Tuxedo rentals will style you for your next show without all of the hassle and expense of purchasing a show coat. The judge definitely cannot accuse you of not being formal enough for the occasion and best of all, when you return your sweaty, manure covered jacket and shirt – they have to clean it! (Note: It is best to only utilize a tuxedo rental store once and then move on, as they do not welcome you a second time.)

Trailering: Do you know how much it costs to rent a U-Haul for a day? Like twenty dollars! So next time you need to trailer your horse to the a show don’t pay the hefty fees of a professional hauler. Do it yourself by renting a U-Haul and heading for the horizon. Your horse will thank you for the extra space and comforting security of a windowless pitch-black ambiance.

Feed: The price of hay is rising all over the nation, but you can avoid that worry by implementing this tactic. Did you know that millions of people all over suburbia pay to have their lawns mowed and grass taken away? Well now you can double up as a frugal equestrian AND a good citizen by setting your horse free in various suburban neighborhoods around your city. Think of the smiling faces of your neighbors as your horse not only tears out their unsightly grass but ALSO fertilizes it free of charge. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Vet Care: Nothing puts a bigger hole in your pocket than the cost of vet care, but worry not, there is light at the end of the tunnel. When your young horse needs to be gelded, rather than pay your veterinarian, consider taking him to one of the low cost spay and neuter clinics that offer their services to dogs and cat in cities all over the world. If they protest offer to assist them while holding out a pair of hedge shears and your most winning smile.

As you can see, with a little outside of the box thinking we can own horses without spending lots of money. So horse owners rejoice and begin looking for that second or third equine partner in your life. If spouses or parents protest, simply show them this article to put their mind at ease about your growing horse-addiction! Happy riding!  

8 responses to “How To Save Money Whilst Enjoying Your Horses

  1. Love it! But I’d also love to see you do a post on “real” cost savings.
    From looking for quality used saddles (with the assistance of an experienced saddle fitter), wearing/using your older or gently used second hand but traditionally “correct” gear and tack even if it isn’t the latest fashion fad, to investing in having a real working relationship with your vet and farrier/trimmer and taking care of little problems before they become major issues.
    As an equine nutritionist who sees horse owners spend exorbitant amounts on the latest fad in expensive supplements, I often teach owners how to reduce their supplement and feed costs significantly through learning how to intelligently evaluate and compare products and understanding their horses’ nutritional requirements. The lowered costs usually come with improved nutritional balance.
    Many returning and young riders becoming involved in dressage are not “wealthy”; education is the key to understanding where trying to save is useful and safe vs cutting corners in areas which might hurt your horse (or you).

  2. We agree with Alli Farkas. Someone is going to take you seriously and try something like the grass clipping and end up with a horse that died from colic. Cute blog until someone actually does some of it!!!

  3. In my impoverished student days, (as opposed to my impoverished adult days,) I’d sometimes drop in to stables whose horses were probably quite mundane, and not-very-hopefully ask, “Do you need any help with exercising?” Meaning of course, “I’m looking for free rides!” But imagine one day when I discovered a new stables only 10 minutes from home that responded, “Yes. We want someone to excercise point-to-point racers… 3 or 4 hours a day…” Yipee! 😀 😀 😀

  4. You’ve got to be kidding…duct tape on leggings, castrating a horse with hedgeshears, and using a uhaul to transport a beloved horse?

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