One response to “Do Not Be Swayed By Their Fluffy Forelocks

  1. YES! OMG YES!! I have one that’s 12 hands. Bought him when he was six, super hot, and still very green. And oh yeah did he plot my murder. I can’t count the number of times I got bucked off, saw him look at me with his adorable little face, then go galloping off. XD Then of course I could never catch him.

    Now he only tries to buck me off when I’ve been too busy to ride, and he’s had a week or two off. (Life… and work…) Except he’s taught me all his tricks, and through error (no trial involved XD), I learned how to counter them. So now he can’t get me off as easily as he used to, which is good given that I can’t seem to fall without breaking something anymore.

    I saw an image that said “You didn’t get bucked off, you fell off. I have a horse that can teach you the difference.” and all I could think was “Yup, I got one of them.” =)

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